Weimaraner Association of Canada – Rescue

Thank you for your support! We believe we’ve raised enough to get Ata’s procedure done. We’ve raised just over 2000$ and with the help of a very generous donor, we should be okay for this procedure.

However, if you still want to donate to Weims in need, it is always appreciated.

Ata needs your help!

Ata’s Story:
Ata was surrendered to WAC Rescue due to potential issues with a new baby in the home. She had been kept in a kennel with another Weimaraner from the same home. At one point Ata was “adopted” by a family but they quickly returned her to the kennel when she started having nose bleeds. The other Weimaraner was taken home by the original family but Ata was left there for about 6 weeks.

Ata is currently being fostered by a wonderful family of experienced Weimaraner owners who love Ata very much. Her foster mom says “Ata’s nose drips blood all day and all night. I look at her and she is so happy that I don’t believe she is in any kind of pain…..but I am not a Specialist”.

Her weight is slowly coming back, however the nose bleeds have become more frequent. Her current medical expenses plus a nasal scope to try to determine the cause is estimated at over $2700. The concern is that it may be cancer, but until we know for sure, please help us help Ata in giving her the best care possible.

If it is determined that it is cancer, and Ata cannot survive, the remaining funds will be allocated to other Weims in need.

Please consider making a donation today to wacanada.treasurer@gmail.com via e-transfer (use the password Rescue2021). Timing is crucial.

We appreciate your continued support in helping relocate abandoned, mistreated or unwanted Weimaraners. 


The Weimaraner Association of Canada – Rescue is looking for 2 Regional Coordinators – one for Ontario North and one for the Greater Toronto Area. For some basic information, check out our Volunteer page. For more detailed info, contact the National Coordinator at wacrescue.com.

Our National breed club made up of Weimaraner breeders and Weim enthusiasts supports this Rescue program for Weimaraners in need. Since it’s beginning in 1977, the Weimaraner Association of Canada has been dealing with Weimaraners in need.

The WAC Rescue mission consists of relocating abandoned, mistreated or unwanted Weimaraners.

Notre mission de Sauvetage consiste à relocaliser les Braques de Weimar abandonnés maltraités ou simplement devenus indésirables.

We cannot take on mixed-breed dogs, however we can put you in touch with those groups that can.


Please explore our site. Any feedback and comments you’d care to provide may be sent to rescue@wacrescue.com.