Meet Ellie!

Ellie is currently being fostered in the Red Deer area but her foster, Laura, has a family emergency and can no longer take care of Ellie. Laura has done a great job of looking after Ellie for us and we sincerely thank her from the bottom of our heart. We wish her and her family well at this difficult time.

Ellie is a 4 year old Weimaraner with a full tail that came to WAC Rescue from the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). We are not sure if Ellie is a purebred Weimaraner as we have little to no history of her past.

Ellie is social with other dogs, but is very selective so we are looking for a home that will provide patience, guidance and structure for her around other animals. She currently lives with a Yorkie with no problems but there is a female Weimaraner in the home that she has not bonded with. She has been near and around cats and wags her tail with interest but doesn’t show any aggression. Attention and monitoring will be required for a home with cats and other dominant dogs. She loves being around older, calm children; probably no younger than 8 or 9. Younger children kind of freak her out. She needs a family that will take the time to work and play with her as she has lots of energy to burn.

Her last trip to the vet went good. She’s very healthy and we’re told that the tumor from her leg that the EHS had removed has a low chance of coming back. She is not currently crate trained and she has some separation anxiety but we’re not sure to what level. She apparently doesn’t like to be left out of any family activities and loves to cuddle with her foster family. Ellie is quite smart and catches on to things very easily. She knows the basic commands, but will need leash training as she pulls quite a bit.

If you’re interested in Ellie, please submit a foster application or an adoption application. Ellie is currently in the Red Deer area.