We are currently accepting donations via e-transfer or cheque.

Please send your donation to wacanada.treasurer@gmail.com. If you wish to send a cheque, please send an email to our treasurer at wacanada.treasurer@gmail.com for instructions.

If your donation is to support a particular dog, please add that in your email or transfer comments.

*** THANK YOU ***

Thank you for your support! We believe we’ve raised enough to get Ata’s procedure done. We’ve raised just over 2000$ and with the help of a very generous donor, we should be okay for this procedure.

However, if you still want to donate to Weims in need, it is always appreciated.

WE NEED YOUR HELP – Urgent request to help cover Ata’s medical expenses – please check the HOME page for Ata’s details.

Ata needs your help!

Please Help Support

The Weimaraner Association of Canada – Rescue

 Donations for the WAC Rescue are gratefully accepted.