We strive to contact applicants within 48 hours of the enrolment being submitted.

If you do not hear from us within this timeframe, please contact the National Coordinator at rescue@wacrescue.com.

Many of the questions must be answered. In an effort to make the process easier, some fields have been filled in with default answers. If the question applies to you, select the text that is in the field and type in your answer. If an answer is blank, the form will not submit. If that question does not apply to you, enter “NA”. Thank you for taking the time to complete this application.

Please be as detailed as possible in your answers as this helps the coordinators find the best possible home four your Weimaraner.

Enrolment - East Coast (Atlantic Provinces, NF and Labrador)

Contact Information

Owner's Name or Humane Society (or other group) involved.
Format: 999-999-9999

Current Home Situation

You can make multiple selections.
You can make multiple selections.

Breeder Information

If you don’t have the breeder information, enter “Don’t know” in the Name section and “999-999-9999” in the phone number section.

In many instances, the breeder wants to know if you have to re-home their dog and will either find a home for you or help you with the re-homing.

Veterinarian Information

Your Dog

Please note that WAC Rescue cannot take on dogs that are mixed breeds. However we can put you in touch with those groups that can.
If you aren't sure of your dog's age, please give an approximate age.
You may make multiple selections.

Medical Profile

You can enter a rough time frame but this information will need to be confirmed with your vet.
Try to be as thorough as possible and include dates or time frames such as winter 2011 or summer 2012.


Restrictions, in this case, could mean your dog has access to just one room.

Basic Temperament

Please check all that apply.

Behaviour Profile

You can make multiple selections.
For example, does your dog only run away if an animal such as a cat or a wild animal crosses his path?
For example, is your dog only unfriendly when on the leash? Is he only friendly with small dogs, or a specific breed of dog, etc.
For example, my dog is very respectful of the cat he lives with but if he sees a cat or rabbit outside, he'll try to chase it.


Closing Questions

Before proceeding, we need to make sure a real person is submitting this form. Thank you for your understanding.
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Upon clicking the Submit button, the page should refresh and you should see a message that your application was submitted. If this doesn’t happen, it is possible that you missed a required field. Please review your application and try hitting the Submit button again. Thank you.