Montreal – St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Montreal – St. Patrick’s Day Parade
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Congratulations to Brigitte and all the volunteers who helped in this endeavour to raise awareness for Weimaraner Rescue.

Our tireless QC Coordinator has done it again. She led a great group of volunteers in Montreal’s St Patrick’s Day Parade held yesterday in downtown Montreal. The day before, Brigitte and her friends and volunteers worked hard to prepare the coats for the Weimaraners walking in the parade. And it paid off … check out the links below for some pictures and a bit of video. They even made it into the Huffington Post Quebec Edition! Sunday’s parade drew about 250,000 spectators!

Check it out at 1:07 AND 3:05 for a glimpse of the greys in their great green or orange coats. 🙂

And their picture is in the Huffington Post Quebec Edition (Photos 21 and 22):

Here are some pictures from 2015’s parade where they braved cold temperatures again.