SNOOPY HAS BEEN ADOPTED! (Western Provinces) Updated 09 May 2015

SNOOPY is a foster failure! 🙂

Snoopy Dec 2014
Snoopy is one of two Weims that we rescued from a shelter in Dec 2014.  He’s been with a foster family since we rescued him. 

He was a stray at a shelter in Morden, Manitoba and was going to be euthanized. He’s about 1 year old, and has been recently neutered. He is housetrained and very playful. Before his foster family went on vacation, they were doing some off-leash walks with him and his recall was pretty good.

Snoopy has met with a canine behaviourist. Snoopy requires professional and positive reinforcement training. He has no training and no learned skills. He needs to be able to approach new people on his terms and without being pushed into it. He didn’t display any high intensity warning signs with the behaviourist but did give many subtle signs that he didn’t want to be touched.

The behaviourist did state that he needs someone with strong leash management skills and a good understanding of canine body language to identify when Snoopy is stressed so they can help “bring him down”. The person (people) also need to know various strategies to use when he gets overly aroused/agitated.

They weren’t able to test his responses to another dog so we can’t be sure how he’d react to living with another dog. He does have a very strong prey drive so a home with smaller animals is definitely out.

He did not exhibit fearful behaviour around novel things, he seems to be quite confident for a dog that has apparently had limited exposure to new experiences. The behaviourist believes that Snoopy is a smart dog that is trainable and willing to learn but needs structure and predictability in routines and a calm neutral tone.

Both the behaviourist and Mary believe that Snoopy was mistreated in some way in the past.

Snoopy’s current costs of care are around $700 however this does not include his neutering costs. We can’t continue to help Weimaraners like Snoopy without your support.

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