Beau – Alberta – Male Weim Currently being Fostered

Beau is almost 2 years old. He is calm in the house but becomes active outside. He is a few pounds overweight, pulls when on leash and needs work on his recall. If he is off leash and comes across an interesting scent, he will follow it and not listen.

His recall needs a lot of work and he has a strong prey drive so we are looking for a home with no small animals, including dogs. Although he doesn’t show any aggression, the cats he currently lives with stress him out and there were several verbal confrontations.

He was in a couple of scraps at daycare which happened around the time his owners separated. He was never the aggressor and it sounds like the situations could have been avoided if daycare staff reacted sooner to his signs of being uncomfortable. He shows some anxiety with some dogs. In one incident he did bite a blind dog at daycare but it seems the blind dog may have been harassing him.

We think he would do very well in a single dog home or with one other dog around his size if he’s with people who have the time to spend with him.

He has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) but they are very close to getting the meds and foods dialed in for him. Apparently one of the issues with IBD is that Beau suffers from diarrhea.

Anyone interested in Beau must meet him in person before an adoption is finalized.

If you are interested in meeting Beau, please get in touch with us or submit an adoption application.