Ava is an 18 month female Weimaraner who is currently being fostered in Yorkton, SK. She is on the smaller side, is microchipped, has a full tail and dewclaws, and is up to date on her vaccinations. Her previous owner indicated she was good with other large dogs but small dogs are an unknown right now. She used to chase cats in her previous home, but now in her foster home she is with 2 cats and there have been no issues.

Ava’s foster mom describes her as very friendly and playful, but also fearful, which can provoke a variety of responses to anything unknown if the introduction is not controlled. She needs a confident owner who will help her explore the world in a safe manner and control all introductions to humans, dogs, cats or other creatures. When properly introduced with clear behavioural rules, she has shown no issues. She knows basic commands, is housebroken and walks beautifully on leash and has also done great off leash. Being timid/shy Ava needs a family that can help build her confidence.

Ava does not appear to be familiar with being crated when left alone outside of nighttime. She suffers from severe separation anxiety and cannot be left alone in the crate for ANY period of time. She will eventually be okay, but this will take trust and time. Her new family will need to have a plan for treating her anxiety and training her to be alone. She would benefit from a family that is experienced with the Weimaraner breed and will have a lot of time to devote to her.

Ava is scheduled to be spayed on May 2 after which time she will be available for adoption.