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If you do not hear from us within this timeframe, please contact the National Coordinator at rescue@wacrescue.com.

All questions must be answered. In an effort to make the process easier, some fields have been filled in with default answers. If the question applies to you, select the text that is in the field and type in your answer. If an answer is blank, the form will not submit. If that question does not apply to you, enter “NA”. Thank you for taking the time to complete this application.

Adoption Form - Alberta/Prairies

Contact Information

Format: 999-999-9999

Household Members

Please list any allergies you may have and the severity.
Please list any allergies this person has and the severity.
Please list any allergies this person has and the severity.
Please list any allergies this person has and the severity.
Please list any allergies this person has and the severity.


The Dog

You can make multiple selections.
You can make multiple selections.

Experience with Dogs

Please list the individual's or organization's name and either a phone number or email address.


For example, "quiet with few visitors", "busy with lots of people around", "active with lots of outdoor activities", etc. Please add as much information as possible as this helps pir coordinators determine a possible match.
For example, "I work Mon to Fri from 8 to 5 with 30 minutes travel time each way."
For example, "crated in the house" or "in a controlled space such as a closed room", etc.
This would be if, for some reason, you had to work later than usual or something happened that you couldn't get home at the usual time.
Ideally, Weims should be crate trained to keep them out of trouble and safe when unattended.
Weims need consistency in the home, especially to raise an obedient and lovable member of your family and society.
Weims need obedience training to become well-mannered members of your family and society. Rescue Weims may not have had proper training and so may require more work than expected.
Please list the name and an email address or phone number.

Your Home

Please include your landlord's name and phone number as we will require written notification from your landlord that you are permitted to keep a dog.
Give rough dimensions.
Rough height, in feet.


If you don’t have a vet yet, enter “Don’t have one yet” in the Name and Clinic sections and “999-999-9999” in the phone number section.

If you don’t have any K-9 references, please provide two references who are not family and who have known you for at least 5 years.

Closing Questions

The Weimaraner Association of Canada Rescue works with other Weim Rescue Groups in Canada and the United States to place Weimaraners.

You can make multiple selections.
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