Bella has been adopted!


Bella was officially adopted by her foster family in April 2015 and she is doing great. 🙂 We apologize for being so late in getting this news out.

Bella’s history:

WAC Rescue learned of Bella’s plight through the caring people at Pound Paws in Quebec on August 20, 2014. She was a stray and was in a high kill shelter and had only a few days left to be rescued. The only information they had for us was this: Found stray, Female, +/- 6-7 years old, Tolerant with physical manipulation, Dominant with other dogs (growls a bit a them), Calm disposition, Outgoing with strangers, Sweet and friendly with people, Knows commands (in French), Hardly barks.

We had to help. So, with very short notice, our tireless QC Coordinator, Brigitte, picked up Bella a few days after we heard about her. Another wonderful and caring person donated Bella’s pull fee.

Bella went into a foster home after staying with Brigitte for a couple of days but that didn’t work out so Brigitte found the perfect foster family for her, Tony Cavallo and his wife Christine. We can’t thank Tony and Christine enough for all of the work and time they have put into Bella’s care. But, there was to be a surprise in store for all of us. Tony took Bella in to have her prepared for a spay operation on Sep 30 only to find out that she was pregnant! As Bella was a stray, we don’t know what breed the sire or sires may be. Tony and his family took this news in stride and continued to look after Bella through her birthing 5 puppies (Oct 12), the death of one of the puppies (Oct 21), the weaning process, and possibly the hardest of all, giving the puppies up to their new families.

Bella’s story continues. She was adopted by a caring family however one of the family members developed an allergy to Bella and she had to come back to WAC Rescue. Bella has been fostered by another wonderful family since January, 2014. (psst … we’re hoping it will be a foster failure but don’t let that out of the bag)

Bella still needs to have her spay operation done and she had some problems with one of her legs which required x-rays to ensure it was nothing too serious. Turns out it was something like a muscle strain which is great news.

Bella has been with us, for the most part ,since August 2014. The expenses for fostering, vet care, etc. for Bella and her puppies are currently estimated at more than $1700. Her spay operation will possibly cost as much as $400. We can’t continue to save dogs like Bella without your support.