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Two Senior Weimaraners

UPDATE: Adopted together!!

Mia and Dexter Collage

These two beautiful weims are in need of a permanent home. They are currently being fostered in New Brunswick.

Mia and Dexter are 8 year old brother and sister.

They have an excellent temperament with adults and small children and strangers. They have lived with a toddler before being fostered.

Dexter, the male, has a small seizure about 1-2 times a year but the vet said it is not enough to require medication. They are small mal seizures. Aside from that they are in excellent health with up to date vaccinations, including kennel cough.

They can go off lead on trails but the current foster is working with an e-collar to help curb pulling when walking in populated areas. They are both affectionate and playful. They love the outdoors and walks and are mostly indoor dogs otherwise.

Weims in general are very loyal dogs and easy maintenance as far as grooming goes. They do require regular exercise and are great walking partners and company indoors.

Please contact Jean, our East Coast Coordinator, at for more information about Mia and Dexter.

If you are interested in adopting Mia and Dexter, please fill out our application here.

  Stella – Courtesy Posting – Toronto, Ontario

Stella (BBF) May 2015-1 Stella is one of the Black Bear Farm mother dogs that WAC Rescue re-homed a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, her new family is having a baby and they don’t think they can give Stella the attention she needs and deserves. We are not handling the re-homing of Stella unless her family requests it. We are posting her information with the hope that one of our followers will want to give Stella a forever home. Stella is a very loving dog, and wants nothing more than to be by her owners’ side as much as possible. She is around 8 years old, spayed, and in great health, with her shots up to date. When Stella went to her new home, she was quite malnourished and scared of most things and environments (like most of the dogs that came from BBF). Over the past few years, Stella has come a very long way. She is now a loving family dog, fully house trained, understands most basic commands, and can be taught (if the teacher has a little bit of persistence). As she is entering her older years in life, she doesn’t require too much exercise, but she still eagerly looks forward to spending time outside everyday. She walks beautifully on leash, but loves to wander and explore off leash (her recall is typically quite good, although you generally have to call twice). She especially enjoys hiking and chasing squirrels, and she is very friendly and playful with other dogs. Stella’s family feels that Stella would do best in a situation with another dog (or dogs) as she learns from other dogs and looks to them for guidance when faced with an unfamiliar situation. Stella has been amazing with their one year old son, however she can be wary of other children. Overall, Stella is a very loving dog who craves love and attention. If you are looking for a dog who will be loyal to you and always by your side, Stella is perfect. It is very important to Stella’s family that she ends up in a home where she can be happy and where she can bring happiness to her family. If you would like further information about Stella, please contact Glenda at 416-220-6734.